About MediCleanse Plus 

Our Mission is to provide a cleaner, safer environment for Human Health, transforming standards in Healthcare and Public Health.

With global expertise in research & development, manufacturing and distribution, MediCleanse Plus is a leader in environmental hygiene, spill management, PPE, health worker and patient safety and hygiene.

MediCleanse Plus is independently manufactured by Pharma Marketing International, a proudly South African Company who specialises in advanced disinfection for surfaces and equipment, patient and healthcare worker hygiene as well as decontamination and sterilisation for instruments using a unique and first in the world, advanced, residual barrier technology. 

Professionals in a wide range of organisations including some of the world’s largest healthcare, public health and social care providers, and facilities management rely on our solutions every day.

Our unique integrated end-to-end approach provide significant improvement and transformation in standards of environments for human health.



From Healthcare high level disinfectants & Sterilisers to top class, Powerful, Gentle and Long-Lasting Hand Hygiene solutions, we offer a hygiene solution for all sectors in the Healthcare industry like Acute Healthcare, Non-acute Healthcare & Public Health, Laboratories & Life Sciences, Healthcare Catering Facilities and even Emergency Response vehicles and Equipment.

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