The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that at any time, more than 1.4 million people worldwide are affected by infections acquired in hospitals. Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization with MediCleanse Plus will save lives and improves patient outcomes.

It is a fact that between 5% and 10% of patients admitted to modern hospitals in the developed world acquire one or more healthcare-associated infections.

Nosocomial infections (a hospital-acquired infection (HAI), also known as a nosocomial infection, is an infection that is acquired in a hospital or other health care facility, including a day-care hospital. To emphasize both hospital and non-hospital settings, it is sometimes instead called a health care–associated infection (HAI or HCAI)) are a major challenge to public health systems, because they are a rather heterogeneous group of different conditions in terms of microbiological, physiological and epidemiological findings that have a high impact on health costs and indicators of quality of service offered to inpatients.

To decrease or cancel the chance of infection, it is necessary that the hospital cleaning the environmental surfaces and equipment with which the patient is placed in contact with, are subjected to strict cleaning procedures, cleaning and sanitation according to method and frequency protocols.

Currently, the most common methods of sanitizing concern the use of disinfectant solutions. Some facilities are set on the use of alcohol or bleach and this leaves patients and staff open to infection especially when we have threats like the coronavirus and other infections. In these cases, patients and health-workers should insist that effective actives are procured and no substandard, cheap alternatives are used.

Contaminated surfaces can act as sources from which healthcare workers contaminate their hands, and in some instances, patients acquire pathogens following direct contact with contaminated equipment or other surfaces. Providing patients with a safe environment of care requires a high level of compliance with recommended hand hygiene policies and appropriate cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment and environmental surfaces.

Specifically, MediCleanse Plus is a range of products for disinfection and hospital cleaning for areas like operating theaters, toilets, ICU wards, rooms and wards and deep cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing in all healthcare settings.

MediCleanse Plus products help eliminate germs on surfaces and the deeper the purpose of eliminating pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi, with particular attention to the departments most at risk such as oncology units, operating theaters, ICU’s, nursery’s, obstetric and pediatric departments, so as to ensure optimum sterilization in hospital environments.

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MediCleanse Plus products can be effectively used in many sectors of the Health Care Industry, such as:

Acute Healthcare

Non-acute Healthcare & Public Health


Laboratories & Life Sciences

Emergency Response


Healthcare Facility Catering & Food